Frequently Asked Questions - Coming soon

Do you sell to individuals or companies?

We are happy to sell to both individuals and companies. While we do carry products that are suitable for both commercial and residential applications, products designed and identified as residential are not designed to stand up to the rigors of constant use in a commercial environment.

How soon am I charged after placing an order?

We review orders to verify availability, confirm shipping costs, phone numbers. If adjustments are needed, or if questions arise, you will be contacted by a representative. If no adjustments are needed, the order is released for shipping from our warehouse and the credit card is simultaneously charged with the shipping release.

How soon am I charged after placing an order?

We do not guarantee things outside of our control. We promise to process your order expeditiously and release it for shipping quickly. We are also happy to assist you in determining if a particular product may reach your destination in the time frame you need it, but we cannot guarantee transportation companies schedules.

Remember, while your business may be open 7 days per week most freight carriers operate Monday through Friday only.  Any estimates are business days only (Monday - Friday).